When we think about the artist community:

Technology allows you to be fiercely Independent. It has allowed you to put out your music and content the way you see it at no cost.

Being fiercely independent creates value and leverage for you the artist, and ultimately allows you to control your property.

If you are patient you are in control of your career as long as you want to be.

You create your value by the exchange of content.

So today you have two options: 

A DIY artist doesn’t require much funding and you also have option to upstream to major label.

To control your IP or let someone else control it. That is the decision you have to make

At the end of the day a major label will not sign you unless you create value and show your greatness.

There is one thing that remains consistent…

SHOW that you have value

SHOW that you have fans

And be great.

So continue to create value and that’s how you become fiercely independent.


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