The core four advisors are critical to your journey

Let me start off with who you need first.

#1. Your Manager

To take on the responsibility of managing your career.

Here’s how the money works:

#2. Your Lawyer

Their role is to make sure you business affairs are set legally.

Music industry lawyers are willing to take 5% of the gross along the way if they believe in you.

Again 5% gross is what they take betting on YOU.

Check out Linked In or check within our Music Mastery community where we will have connections.

#3. YOUR Business Manager

They will take 5% gross as well. Its about finding someone you are comfortable with

Some one who has had experience and that’s an expert in MUSIC.

#4. YOUR  Booking Agent

You don’t need a booking agent yet unless you are starting to play clubs and a tour.

But again they take 10% of the touring gross only and do not commission the other areas. 

These CORE FOUR ADVISORS are critical part of the plan. But they are layered out over time.

And if you are looking for your CORE FOUR ADVISORS you will have that access inside our Music Mastery community

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