What are Studios?

Studios helps you take your music to the next level & compete at the highest level, virtually! Create the best songs and own world class recordings working with Hit Producers, Songwriters & Engineers that WE match you up with!

How does Music Mastery Studios work?

First, You request a call with one of the Studio Reps at
From there we will set you up with a Producer, Engineer, and Mixer to help with all your studio needs within your budget.

Do I have to live in the same city or country as the producer/ engineer?

No, we have all sessions set up virtually, especially during Covid-19 restrictions.

What if I’m looking for beats to write to?

We have tracks within our Music Mastery Community that you can purchase.
You will own the Master.

What if I’m looking for production around my lyrics?

If you need a complete production, we will set you up with one of our producer teams to help complete your song.

Do I own my Masters after the session?

Yes! You own your Masters 100%.

How do Splits work?

Splits start at 50/50 for music and publishing. Once the song is recorded, we get on a call with Producers and writers and discuss splits.