At the end of the day the artist is in charge of handling themselves

Over time, you have to manage your own success.

There is a process I like to call FAME MANAGEMENT

Fame can be defined in a lot of different ways.

How do you define FAME?

There are so many levels of it.

In the music business: EGO IS THE NUMBER ONE KILLER.

Fame Management = ego management

How do you stay grounded? Stay connected to your CORE FOUR!

Here’s what I know to be true across every journey of every artist, NO ONE CARES AT THE BEGINNING!

You don’t start off coming out on stage with a hit record or a body of work. It is a process. Always schedule calls and meetings with the people who were with you from the beginning. They care, they will encourage you.

The Four Factors of Fame Management: The first thing is not forgetting the people who where there at the beginning

1. To help you carry out your vision before you had any fans your CORE FOUR

2. The FIRST RESPONDERS are the gatekeepers, and bloggers.

3. It’s the FIRST FANS who sang your songs when no one else did

4. Stay true to your CORE VALUES.

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